Ayacucho 969 - CP. X5986AJO
Tel: (+54 3572) 466-397 / 466-990 / 460817
Oncativo - Cordoba
Panamericana Km 54,5 - CP. B1625XAF
Tel: (+54 3572) 466-397 / 466-990 / 460817
Escobar - Bs.As.


Our Brand


Special cargos, national and international transportation of equipment and supplies for the agricultural producer and the agro-industry.

Grupo Bartoloni S.A. - Logística y Distribución Agrícola S.A. - Austral


Services of agricultural, industrial, and road machinery and grain hoppers.

Storage facility for machines in Buenos Aires.

Special cargos with agro and road bogies, to ship: Harvesters. Rigid and articulated tractors. Harvesters, supplies and machinery for forage. Motorgraders, loaders, and backhoe loaders. Containers. Heavy-duty vehicles. Grain hoppers.


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